Custom location of keystore and truststores in Openfire

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of having the keystore and truststores for Openfire located on removable media, to make it more convenient for me to have someone replace these in remote offices. I was thinking that this would be trivial, since there is a configuration property for setting the paths of truststores and keystore.

However, I found that both the documentation [1] and the source code [2] tells me that it is only possible to configure a path relative to the openfire home directory.

So my questions goes:

a. Is there any hope of getting this property changed to allow absolute paths outside the openfire home directory?

b. If I change this myself so I can configure absolute paths, is there any security issues in doing so?

I guess I just don’t understand why we are not allowed to specify absolute paths.

Thank you for reading and best regards,

Torje Henriksen

[1] de.html

[2] src/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/net/