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Custom messages in Wildfire?

Hello everybody!

Bare with me, but I have really tried to read all available docs and most forum messages before asking this question.

I want to write a custom XMPP client that use WildFire to send my own XML messages to other custom XMPP clients. I just want to use the routing feature of Wildfire, and possibly also a few of its other features.

I also want ‘‘normal’’ IM messaging to take place in parallell with my custom messages. Spark etc should see my custom client as any other standard client. My clients should however recognize other custom clients, and send these special messages only to them (when appropriate).

Now how can I implement my own messages? And how can I make other standard clients ignore these custom messages?

Should I use a plugin/component? How would I extend the Smack API on the client side to support these new messages?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give


What about using Jabber RPC? http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0009.html

You could create a custom IQ packet that only your client understands. How your clients would recognize other clients would be by exposing this custom namespace through disco. More information on this as far as the jabber protocol is concerned can be attained here:


So your client via disco to see if it supports this iq packet… if they do then they can begin sending.