Custom Plugin not getting initialized when logout and re loging


Note: It is an high priority issue for. Need your help ASAP.

I have created spark custom plugin and made some UI changes and deployed into spark.

When I start the spark.exe first time and login to the spark, I observed that

my plugin code executed properly. I have followed the below step for the create and deploy custom plugin

  1. Created a My custom class by implementing the interface

  2. Created the plugin.xml file with my custom plugin details as below



Venu Kodumagulla



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  1. Then I created myplugin.jar that contains “plugin-classes.jar”

  2. Copied the “myplugin.jar” file to “C:\Spark\plugins”. I installed spark at “C:\Spark”.

  3. Then I started spark.exe located at “C:\Spark” and observed my plugin code is executed and

I found my UI changes on launched Spark UI(I disabled some of menu items in custom plugin)

  1. Now I logged out and exit the spark UI and re login by starting the spark.exe again.

Spark UI was launched, but this time I did find my plugin changes on.

  1. The I went to “C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Spark” and deleted the “plugins” folder

and restarted the spark.exe file again.

The Spark UI was launched and I did find my plugin changes again.

To get my plugin changes effected when logout and re re login, each time I need to delete the “plugins” folder at


Could you please let me know an alternate procedure to execute my plugin by default every time ,when I start spark with out making any changes?

Thanks, Venu