Custom "quick text" buttons

I am looking for a way to add some custom buttons to the Spark client that when clicked send a short bit of text to the current chat session. For example, I would like to have a button “send to VM” that when clicked sends the text “send to voice mail” to the current active chat session. If no one here can make such a customization is there anyone in the community that can?

Thanks in advance for your help.




If you’d like to send me an email we can discuss exactly what you need and how we (Version 2 Software) can help.



Thanks Ryan. I will be sending you an email soon with some more details.

Hey backspace,
I was wondering did anything ever come of your email to Ryan? Because I would greatly like to know as well for the quick text buttons.

I also have interest in adding “quick response” buttons with predefined text to spark. Any thoughts?