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Custom Search Filter

I am attempting to use a custom search filter and have had no luck getting it to work the way I think it’‘s suppposed to. As I’'ve seen other posts for this I have not yet seen an answer. I am using AD as the LDAP repository.

What works:

No search filter allows me to login as admin

Jabber clients can authenticate

What doesn’'t work:

Search filter causes my admin (and all other users) not to be returned in the search result set.

Below is a snippet from my conf/jive-messenger.xml file. I want to get all users and filter out everything else.

Thanks in advance -

One thing that I see that could be your problem is that you should only have one token in your search filter. The token is then converted into a specific user name or a , for all users. If you want to return all objects with a mail attribute you should use mail=.


AH! I did not understand the proper use of and how it actually functions in the search filter. Thanks very much.