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Custom text in fastpath workgroups

I am unable to use custom text in FastPath workgroups in OpenFire 3.5.2

I go to FastPath -> Workgroups -> example workgroup -> Text and some of the custom text I enter works fine and some does not.

Specifically under ‘Queue Text’:

Title Text In Queue Page does not change when I change it.

Queue Position Text is included but set to hidden using CSS when I change it, ie

<span id="queue_info" style="visibility:hidden;">Custom Text</span>

Queue Footer Text doesn’t display at all.

When I went back and restored the default for ‘Queue Footer Text’, the Title Text in Queue Page was updated but no the Queue Position Text - it could have just been the server thinking about it.

But hiding the custom Queue Position Text has me baffled. I tried copying the HTML wrapper around the existing text, but no go.

The best I can come up with is appending my custom text to the Title in Queue section, but custom text oughta be custom text.

Any clues as to what I should do here?

I was able to hack a solution to make custom text visible.

Since the custom text is wrapped in a span tag that uses CSS to set it to ‘hidden’, I put in a JavaScript call to set that property to ‘visible’ in the DOM.

Instead of Simply “Custom text”, I put:

Custom text.

I also noticed that the custom text is visible if I leave in the variables for ${position} and ${waitTime}, but if I remove those, the span stays hidden.