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Custom URL Handlers

I’m considering creating a custom url handler for an in house application used by my employer. In testing I’ve setup the protocol magic, which Spark correctly identifies. When I send something like


in a chat window it will show up as a link in the conversation window. The problem is when I click the link I’m sent to http://magic//workflow?thread=1234 in my default browser and not to my application.

I’m assuming my handler is correctly setup since I can launch my app through a shortcut on my desktop, through a link in a webpage, and even by invoking [System.Diagnostics.Process]::start() in powershell.


I used the technique found http://cstruter.com/blog/279 to setup my handler.

That’s a common issue with applications which convert normal text to links. Unlike browsers they assume that it must be a http-URL if the URI is unknown but an URL is detected.