Customization In Spark Desktop clint

Hello Everyone,

We are using openfire as our corporate IM server, and SPARK as desktop clint.

Is there any way where we can change the image of SPARK desktop clint and replace with our company brand name and or logo

Pls help us on the above requirements.


the desktop icon or what?


Desktop icon and the image where we put user name and password

Ronak Sheth


you will also have to repackage the client with an installer. Are you capable of doing this?

The images are in spark.jar. This can be unpacked with Winrar and the jar itself can be updated with winrar too. The images are located in an folder named “images”.

Please look through the forum, there is a document (I think by church) describing the change procedure.


Hello Walter,

Thanks for the reply.

I am not a programer so i dont know how and what too unpackcan and repack, so can you provide us with documentation link so that i can go throuch and do the needfull.


It’s all over the forums.

See here:

and here: inerType=&container=&spotlight=true&q=customize+spark