Customized Openfire.xml

I am looking to customize my openfire.xml file. I have found the properties associated with version of the rpm under resources/il8n. My question is do those properties actually work?

Next, if the properties don’t work should I be using the properties found at the following website address:

I see the above properties in the openfire.xml file.

I also see that you can see this documentation guide.html


Basically, I want to create my rpm with my own parameters. I was able to do this with just grabbing the rpm an doing an rpmrebuild on the rpm. That works fine. But if I do this from a tar.gz code, how can set this up. From looking at the openfire xml file, I only see a few parameters set and those are from this website: But if I want to use the parameters found in resource/i8ln where do I set those parameters in that file or in openfire.xml.

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What parameters are you trying to set and why? You should also know that most settings are no longer kept in the xml file. They are now stored in the database.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for you response! Basically, I trying to setup ldap which I know can be setup in the openfire.xml file. But I also want to setup an external database connection. Which I see can be setup in the openfire.xml file as well. I see the embedded-db.rc file which handles the mysql connections as well. I am not sure when this get called. But I would like define all my setting the role that up into an rpm and deploy that rpm.

Here are list my settings:

  1. Seperate the mysql creation of the openfire database. So take the database building process and roll that into an rpm. I see the openfire_mysql.sql file. So I have created a spec file for that and will install the rpm on seperate machine

  2. External database connection (which should be dbc:mysql://[YOUR_HOST]/[DATABASE_NAME])

So if I want to set the System Settings, Shared Groups (assuming jiveGroup),creating a room, Room administration, content filter. Those are just some of the ones. My possible goal is to set everything I need in the rpm and then put that into a local repo. So if I need to rebuild the jabber server this can be done on the fly without human interaction.

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I think this can be accomplished with simple database backups configured in mysql and a backup of the openfire.xml after the server is configured. To restore you need only install clean, replace the openfire.xml and restore the mysql db from backup. Your RPM method does not get your database data back. Also the openfire.xml does not change much if ever after the server is configured.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the reply! But my question can you preset the database parameters?

I see these for the openfire.xml






















Actually the rpmrebuild did work. It just builds against the /opt/openfire directory. I dropped the database and uninstalled the rpm and got my same setup. I will verify that.

But you say all the parameters go to the database. Can you give me an example?

For instance can you the resources/i8ln properties