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Customizing Spark, Changing Name & Logos

Hey everyone, I’m running into a problem with my deployment of OpenFire and Spark.

My boss has required that we customize the client interface of spark with our own branding and imaging before we can deploy.

I have OpenFire running, and Spark works, but I need to change the logo, lock the connection address as well as the name of the client.

I unfortunately know nothing about Java applications, and need to know where to acquire the source files as well as make a new build that I can distribute.

Any help on this matter, and I’d be forever in your debt.

Please help me get this out as it would be a great benefit for my co-workers

Best Regards,


Hi Matt,

Source code of Spark can be accessed at: http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/spark/trunk Typically, if your changing the name of the app, then this can be modified in the org\jivesoftware\resource directory. I beleive that spark.properties file is the main file that you will need to modify. Instructions on compiling can be found in the documentation section. If not, then follow the build process for Openfire.

Hope it helps.