Cyrillic encoding

I’ve just installed SparkWeb 0.9 (downloaded it from here) and have encoding problem: cyrillic outgoing messages are incorrectly displayed in the SparkWeb window and in the receiving client. Incoming messages are fine.

I don’t see any encoding configuration options in the documentation.

The right issue is on Incorrect charset or text! - SparkWeb - Ignite Realtime Community Forums


“src”, “SparkWeb”,

“width”, “100%”,

“height”, “100%”,

“align”, “middle”,

“id”, “SparkWeb”,

“quality”, “high”,

“bgcolor”, “#869ca7”,

“name”, “SparkWeb”,

** “wmode”, “standard”,**

“flashvars”,‘historyUrl=history.htm%3F&lconid=’ + lc_id + ‘’,


“type”, “application/x-shockwave-flash”,

“pluginspage”, “