Database update error on Openfire v4.0.1

I have recently installed a fresh copy of Openfire v4.0.1. I have observed the following error in the logs pertaining to database:

2016.02.22 20:17:34 ERROR [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginManager - monitoring - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your datab


2016.02.22 20:17:35 INFO [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.plugin.PacketFilterPlugin - Packet Filter loaded…

2016.02.22 20:17:39 INFO [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.ConnectionListener[socket_c2s] - Started.

2016.02.22 20:17:39 INFO [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.ConnectionListener[socket_c2s-legacyMode] - Started.

2016.02.22 20:17:39 WARN [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.LegacyConnectionAcceptor - Configuration allows for up to 16 threads, although implementation

is limited to exactly one.

Are these errors normal ? how do you perfrom a manuall database upgrade ?

Which database are you using?

I am using MySQL 5.6.15 for the database.

Are you able to look at the mysql server logs or look at the Openfire logs for a more detailed report on the SQL statement that failed? It should be logged in both places.

There are no errors found on the MySQL logs, those errors are from the Openfire application server. If I start the Openfire with a blank DB, will it need to upgrade it ?

The theory is that Openfire is executing bad SQL, which the SQL server should log as well as openfire. You still haven’t found the full error message that would have been logged by Openfire.

This was the error in the Openfire application server :

2016.02.24 03:58:27 INFO [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.database.SchemaManager - Found old database version 0 for monitoring. Upgrading to version 3…

2016.02.24 03:58:27 ERROR [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.database.SchemaManager - SchemaManager: Failed to execute SQL:

ALTER TABLE ofMessageArchive ADD COLUMN fromJIDResource VARCHAR(255) NULL;

2016.02.24 03:58:27 ERROR [pool-3-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.database.SchemaManager - Duplicate column name ‘fromJIDResource’

com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Duplicate column name ‘fromJIDResource’

Upon checking the column is already there but of different size. The application should be adding a COLUMN.