DataForm using smack 4.1.0 Beta

I want to send a form message to be filled with user input data and be submitted back.

I tried with sample code in smack document to many xmpp clients, but no one shows my form as expected.

Only message body is displayed and message extension of form does not displayed.

Is there anything I missed?

Test Environment as follows :

  1. Server OS CentOS 7

  2. XMPP Server : OpenFire 3.9.3

  3. Form send client : Application using SMACK4.1.0 Beta

  4. Form receive client : spark 2.6.3 for Windows

kopete for Linux

gajim for Linux

yaxim for Android

psi for Windows


I believe you should ask this question the receiving entity, not the sending one. Not all XMPP clients support this. For example, I’m pretty sure that yaxim does not. See also XEP-0004: Data Forms