Date and Time on received offline messages

When we stay out of office for more than one day and someone sent messages to us in offline mode when we receive it they came with no date only with time.

I think is nice if someone can add date and time to received offline messages.

The thing is that Spark is treating offline messages like received now. Though, when you launch the Spark and receive offline messages, it will show server time on that messages. But when you close and reopen a chat window with that person, it will show your local time on that messages and append the current date to them (you can check that by closing your client, sending an offline message to it, wait for 5 minutes and launch the client - it will show a message upon login and it will show a server time on it, but if you close and reopen the chat window, it will show a time +5 minutes). I’m not sure why, but maybe this is done, because time on the server may be off or be different than your local time, so every message received would have a wrong time. So, it is using the local time for messages, the time they are received by Spark, and offline messages are received today, so it appends today’s date.

So, to do what you want, there should be a global change of how Spark operates with messages time and date. I’m not sure about it, so i won’t file a ticket yet. Though i have filed a ticket a while ago about making Spark showing the same local time for receiving offline messages.

Thanks for your explanation.

I understand the dificulty to implement but I think this is an important feature because give us the information when the message was sent.

The Pidgin IM do that.

I’m thinking about this, but can’t figure out the best solution. Having two different mechanism for date stamping online and offline messages looks unproductive and more error prone. But having all messages showing server time can be undesirable in some situations (i personally don’t want this). E.g. when company has a few branches scattered around the world with different time zones. Then it will always show the time and date of the server and it will be different in your history comparing to when you actually received it. Maybe it can be an option in Preferences, so one can enable showing server time, if one needs it.

I will file this as

Also, there is another thing. When you receive a message, Spark doesn’t append date stamp until you close a chat window. So in you screenshot it should be showing different dates above those messages. I think someone already requested this in the forums.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it will be implemented soon. Currently there are no active developers for Spark, so we depend on volunteers providing patches.

Just FYI, i have just closed as Won’t fix based on conversation here Date and Time on received offline messages as there are no server’s time attached to live messages.

As i have closed this one, i’m more confused about these:

Because if 1549 is implemented, then you won’t see not only the date, but the time of the offline message either. So i’m thinking maybe about closing this also and leave things as they are (server’s time showing when receiving an offline messages and showing user’s time when reopening the chat window).

1587 is also not so easy. As if 1549 is not implemented and 1587 is, then when receiving an offline message you would get one date stamp, but after reopening the chat you would get this days date stamp and you would lose the info when the message was actually sent.

Good morning, I too have the same problem on my structure reported repeatedly by my collaborators who can never understand when a message was actually sent by a user.
It would be enough for the server date / time when a user is offline to remain stored together with the reception date, which can be activated on request on the settings.
thank you

I think this ticket summarizes what you want
Spark doesn’t have active developers so unless someone provides a patch, not sure when it can be implemented.

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