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Date associated with chat transcript/log


Currently when I open Spark and try to initiate a dialog with someone whom I have had discussions previously (using this copy of Spark), a transcript of our previous discussion will be shown in the chat dialog box which is dated. However, when I send a new message, it just appends to the log without a date header. This could potentially be confusing to the user (especially to the recipient) – which is the new message?

The following is what I meant:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

(5:17 PM) Bernard Li: test

(12:24 PM) Bernard Li: hi

The message sent at 12:24 PM was sent today (Feb 25, 2008). I understand that these are somewhat color-coded but It would be nice to have a clear divider between transcript log and new messages preferably with a date header.



The logged items should be grey and present prior to the start of any new conversation. New items are black. When you close the dialog box it should append the date to the the most recent dialog. If this does not happen what version of spark are you running?

This does happen, but I just thought it should be pretty trivial to implement a little patch to show the date of the current dialog – it just makes it that much clearer IMHO.

I’ve had a few complaints about this issue from a few users on my network too.

I’ve even been a little confused myself at times when reading messages.

I think an even bigger issue is offline messages - they should be date stamped too, because they could have been sent at any time - even weeks earlier depending on how long the user has been offline.