DB troubles


I use OF 3.3.2 on win2k3. If works Perffectly for 7 mounth and… at last it cant connect other servers, users dont see each other online? java memory usage 99.7%. etc.

I try renew it.

i make separate dirictory and install OF 3.6.0a. It works good but i need get users contakt list from old db.

If i try copy db it new OF dirictor i get message like “Old bd has been adapted” (something like this) but no users can pass auth(admin too)

How i can transfer contaktlists in new db?


OF usedon win2k3 server, with embedded HSQL, old version is 3…3.2 - new is 3…6.0a.

Users maps from LDAP(active directory)

If need i can put here error.log



It is not clear to me by your post what order you did things. If you moved the database after a clean install, your admin users may be lost (since the openfire.xml file is “cleaned” out on 3.6.0a install). I would suggest you do the following.

  1. Make backups of everything

  2. Blow out your new server’s install

  3. Copy your database and openfire.xml file to the new server

  4. install your new server and start up Openfire.

Be sure to watch any of the log files for any messages about errors.


Yes i do all steps(also i try make same but make “clean” install - i maked new openfire.xml)

What i got - i cant login in admin panel (somethimes it says “incorrect login”, some times “java OutOfmemoryError - heap space”), users can auth, but dont saee each other online

also i try enlarge memory by making openfired.vmoptions with -xmx1024m

anyway it didnt works correctly.

Well i try enother question. Can i remake my hsqldb in mysql external - i guess troubles would gone )

Also i attach error log, but i think my trouble in db, which destroy all vm memory
error.log (48268 Bytes)

noone can answer? Is here any tool to dump hsql tables to mysql?

Or makes VM memmory more then 64 mb for OpenFire?

There is no easy tool to migrate the data to mysql. If you are using LDAP this really should be of little concerne except for avatars and logs. As for the VM settings if you are running openfire as a windows service I have attached a working VM settings file.
openfire-service.vmoptions (20 Bytes)

Yahho! it works! But … well ill try migrate tool - i find it here! Thanks Todd!