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Deactivate password encryption

Hi everyone,

what do I have to do, to disable[/b] the password encryption ?

From JM-291:

A new column was added to the jiveUser table called encryptedPassword. The password field was also updated to allow for null values. A new Wildfire property called “user.usePlainPassword” controls whether plain text or encypted passwords will be used.

  • When true: plain text password will be used from the “password” column. This mimics the behavior in older Wildfire releases. Note that you must explicitly set this property with a value of true if you want to use plain text passwords. The default is now to use stronger security.

  • When false: passwords will be encrypted in the “encryptedPassword” column using the Blowfish algorithm. The encryption/decryption key is stored as the Wildfire property “passwordKey” and is automatically generated if not present.[/i]

ah, great, thank you