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Dead link in the documentation for Spark 2.0.1

The document at the path:

<programs root>\Spark\documentation\sparkplug_dev_guide.html

In the document:


This guide provides a high level overview of the Sparkplug API and examples of several common client customizations. Or, jump directly into the Javadocs. Online, you’'ll find several other resources:

Public Sparkplug repository. <— dead link : points to a link thats no longer active: http://www.jivesoftware.org/spark/sparkplugs

  1. Sparkplug developer forum.


Still exists in 2.0.2

still exists but in a different wording in spark 2.5.0


After you’‘ve built your amazingly cool Sparkplug, it’‘s easy to rollout to your users. Just have them drop it in the plugins directory of their Spark installation. If your Sparkplug is generally useful, we hope you’'ll share it with the whole Spark community! To make your Sparkplug available via the public repository at jivesoftware.org,


Public Repository is not active…

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