Dead links

Can’t find any place on the web site that lists an email to report this type of thing.

On the page that lists the Spark 2.6.0.beta2 is two links. One to Readme & License and the other to Changelog. Both give file not found errors.

Just thought someone should fix them.

I’ve deployed the docs as found in the download, but FYI it seems that those have not been updated to match the new release.

Thanks Benjamin. Can we get someone to update the ChangeLog? That is really what I was looking for when I found both links were dead.

If you need a changelog, there is one, but without the links

You can also check what is already fixed for the 2.6.0 in.system.project:roadmap-panel

Thanks @wroot. I already knew the other lists existed.

I may be asking too much. I just thought that first off, the links were broken, second, that they should take you to accurate information. Not something that was over a year old and 2 betas behind.