(.deb installer) Where do I increase Java RAM?

I installed OpenFire on a Ubuntu 8.10 server today. It’s as minimal of an installation of Ubuntu as I could do. I’m currently testing the system in my office, and we’re already at 20% of the 64mb of allocated Java RAM. We may have as many as 75 users on this service, so I would like to increase the RAM, or at least know how, incase we need more.

I’ve read lots of forum postings and such about how to increase the size, and pointing at documentation, but I can’t find the location containing the file to modify. I installed OpenFire with the .deb installer. My system doesn’t seem to look like the ones everyone else has. Nowhere do I see the .deb installer referenced; it’s always .tar.gz or .rpm.

The admin console says my directory is /usr/share/openfire but I do not see a bin folder in there. Please provide me with some insight.


Drew Green


Thanks for the help. Next thing, though. What do I put there? I entered “OPENFIRE_OPTS=”-Xms256m -Xmx448m", saved and rebooted, but still no change.

Here’s the solution: like Ben said, I need to modify the file /etc/default/openfire. The modification is, rather than adding OPENFIRE_OPTS="(and then the settings here)", you need to put the options where it says “DAEMON_OPTS”.

For example, I put DAEMON_OPTS="-Xms128 -Xmx448"

Thanks for the help.