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Debian package


Is Debian packaging of Openfire still a target ?

I can’t see anything in Debian official repositories but maybe, another repo has been choosen to publish such packages.


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Well, debian package is provided on the download page http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/index.jsp

I haven’t heard abput plans to add it to some repo. Maybe slushpuppie can comment on this.

Im unaware of anyone attempting to get a repository setup for this. Jive could certainly host one easy enough- Id be happy to guide them in the process, but I doubt it will happen.

I also would like to suggest to create a debian repo - or is there any auto-update feature in openfire?

I just would like avoid having to manually update openfire everytime there is some new version - usually I let apt do the security updates automatically, so having an official repo for openfire will be essential of this kind of process.

How are other admins handling this? is there something more comfortable than apt-get update?

Thanks for your attenion,

John Smith

This post is very old. There are no human power to handle repo on this site, so unless someone from the outside takes this task. Maybe there is even one somethere?

I’m not running on Debian and use tar.gz (simple extract and run) version. Openfire volunteers usually only release 1-2 new versions per year (this year is unusual, but one release was just a quick bugfix). There is not many active developers here. So i see no problem in doing occasional manual upgrade.