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Default admin password

Is there a default admin password? After I did a rebuild of the server it will not let me login to the console with “admin” “admin”. But if I look in the database the account is there. Is there some permissions I missed somewhere?

Check if you have the right database setting in the wildfire.xml file

Yes the database is set correctly.

The thing that is weird is when I ran through the setup and at the “administrator account” page there were 4 fields, and one of them was “old password”.

And if install wildfire on another server, using the install packaged exe, and then try to connect to the same database it connects fine.

The problem is specifically when I make any changs to the wildfire.jar file.

If I install with the exe and then swap out this file it no longer allows me to log in.


what about your log files? Probably there is a very clear error message.

Did you build a new wildfire.jar and only with this new one you can not login?

Is this the only problem, so the clients can connect and everything else runs fine?


I dont know if clients can connect or not.

Correct I just built a new wildfire.jar file.

The error log gives an error for org.software.wildfire.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader:158) conection closed before session established.


would you please post the whole log file including a stack trace which is written since startup. You may want to xxx confidential information.

Did you use ant to build wildfire.jar?


The only line in the error log is

"2006.01.06 17:29:09 [org.jivesoftware.wildfire.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:158)

] Connection closed before session established


This is the error.log file.

I think I am using the ant build correctly, but I am not sure. I am using eclipse and set it up as the instructions said. As far as using the build correctly I would appriciate any instructions on how to do this, as I have not found any how tos for help with development.


this is the error of an failed client connect, nothing special.

I use eclipse/ant to build war files, but this should make any difference.

Do you have two wildfire jar files (your wildfire.jar and wildfire.jar.org) in the libs folder? The wildfire.exe process includes all files in the classpath so you will get unexpected results.

Do you use the wildfire_src_2_4_0.zip code and wildfire_2_4_0.exe or some nighty builds?

Did you modify some wildfire classes or are you using the downloaded source as is?


I dont see any wildfire.jar.org files…where would eclipse create these to?

I use the 2.4.0 source code.

I am trying to either modify the defaultauthprovider class or write my own. Im pretty sure the problem is in how im doing the build because if i download the source, not change it, then rebuild i get the same problem.

Is there any walkthroughs on the build process.

I work for DoD contractor and if I can get this to authenticate off of a different database and table then I might be able to push it through to our testing dept and they would know how to do this but I have to get this one thing to work before I can even propose it, thanks.


you followed the description in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=441&categoryID=17 but did not use the svn but the source released 15th December. I had to change this section and comment the javadoc in build.xml:


A build should be painless and if you compare the original wildfire.jar and the one you created the main difference should be the missing db-migration scripts.

The ‘‘wildfire.jar.org’’ may also be called ‘‘Copy of wildfire.jar’’. It may be located in your wildfire installation folder if you did make a simple backup of the original wildfire.jar before copying your new one into the lib folder.


Just to make sure I am doing this right…

In eclipse I double click on the “wildfire XMPP Server” at the top of the ant window. Then I take the “target” directory from where my source code is and run the wildfire.bat file located in the bin directory to install the server?

I see the line of code you pointed out in my build.xml but it looks just like what you have, what did you change in that line?



Hi Jason,

don’'t worry about the build.xml. It seems that either my eclipse version or some global settings cause a lot of trouble.

As you have a target directory and wildfire.bat it seems that everything ran fine. Executing wildfire.bat will not install it but run the Wildfire server.

Maybe you can extract your wildfire.jar file and compare it against an original wildifre.jar file using WinDiff.

I could also take a look at your wildfire.jar if you upload it somewhere, maybe it is ok but some other settings cause the trouble.


Yea I was thinking of going back and editing my post to have “run” rather than “install” but I figured you knew what I meant.

Thanks for the advice on WinDiff, I spent some time this morning looking for a program to unpack jars and could not find one. I will try that program out tomorrow.

Im thinking the problem may have been with my java or something because I did a build last night and it ran fine, but it was with a embedded database. I will try it on the SQL database when I get to work on Monday.

Thanks for the help,


Hi Jason,

use winzip to unpack jar files. Or “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\bin\jar -xf windfire.jar” if you prefer the command line.

Then WinDiff “File”->“Compare Directories …” will you enable to compare all the class files. Most files should be identically but other compiler settings and optimizations lead to small differences in some files.


OK I changed the table to authenticaate off of in the DefaultAuthProvider and DefaultUserProvider and then rebuilt and it gives an error of could nto find userManager.

My previous post was rather abreviated because I was rushed into a meeting.

What I am attempting to do is have to have wildfire authenticate off of a different table (eventually a different database) than the one it uses defaultly. I changed the references in DefaultAuthProvider and DefaultUserProvider (eventually I will write my own classes rather than changing the default classes). After just changing the name of the tables to query I then get the error about “Could not find UserManager.” I checked and this class IS included in the wildfire.jar file. Any ideas?


Im not real sure what the problem was but doing a clean build, after freshly installing the JDK seemed to fix the problem.

Thanks for your help.