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Default Contact List for All Users

I’ve just implemented a local installation of Openfire (Opensource

version) with Spark using LDAP authentication, and I’m wondering if

there is a way to setup a default contact list so all users will have

the same contacts listed within their spark client. Or at the very

least is there a way to export/import a contact list. Basically I am

interested in any way to setup the same contacts for all our clients on

our Openfire implementation, preferably on the server side so that each

client need not be visited.

You should take a look on shared groups.

Is this an enterprise feature? Or where would I find it in the opensource version, could you post a local url to the page?

Thanks so much.

Never mind, I found it. For anyone else that is interested you go into then click the group you are interested in sharing and type a name in for it. Ensuring “Enable contact list group sharing” is bubbled.