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Is it possible to force people to have a specific avatar? As far as I know, you could do it using LDAP, but haven’t been able to find a way to make all users have the same avatar using openfire itself.

Are their any plugins that might be able to do this?

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The default avatar is just a plain silloette. If you are using LDAP you can deny access to changing it by saying ldap.avatar.override to false.


I’m not currently using LDAP.

I’m looking for a way that I can force every user to have the same avatar instead of going from PC to PC and changing it. My company is looking to have our logo for the avatar for each user.

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Without using LDAP I don’t know of anyway to control the avatars as it is a function of the client.

Hi Tim,

you could want to write a plugin which sets the image for every user.

If you are looking for sample code thenvCard 2 OFUSER Plugin may be interesting.