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Default Groups

Default Groups

I am missing something…. I go the admin console, create a user add that use to the one group I have created. SCG

I have user test1, test2 and test3, they belong to the group “SCG”. All done in the admin console, IE http//servername:9090

Now I want the group to automatically be listed in the Spark Client, how do I do that? Can I do that?

I want my users to have contact list ready to go when they login, I will manage this list for the admin console, add and remove users. I don’t want users doing anything (at this point) but IM each other, not creating groups or add other users. I want all Spark Clients locked down as much as possible.

Please help!

You have to enabled “Contact List Group Sharing”. This option is in the configuration of the group. Then just enter your “Contact List Group Name”

I think I did the server side correct, but where "Then just enter your “Contact List Group Name” is that on the client?