Default name for users in roster

Hi there,

I rule an openfire server & custom client, and it allows clients to set a custom nickname.

However, on their friends’ contact lists, they still appear either as their JID (ugly thing) or as the local nick, if any is set by the second user.

Is there a way to make a user appear with their custom name at their friend’s contact lists?

Regards, and thanks in advance for help, I’m really out of ideas about how to handle this ^^

You should ask this custom client’s developers for this. Openfire has nothing to do with such nicknames which is set locally in some client. This information is not sent to Openfire and is stored locally in that client i think.

I already supposed some client tweaks migh be needed, but the point is, does openfire advertise your name by default? I mean, is there a confortable way to retrieve this datum, if possible avoiding one request per contact?

Regards, and thanks in advance.

If you add a contact to your roster, you have to specify a nickname for this contact for how you want it to show on your list. This nickname will stay the same no matter how this contact changes his name. This is how it works in xmpp (and i think in many other networks like ICQ, Skype). You are in control of names of your contacts. The only way somehow work around this is to create contacts on the server or let users create accounts and then use Registration plugin to move new users to some group automatically. Then you can enable sharing for this group, so it would automatically propagate group’s users to all other users. Then it will push these contacts with their names to all other users. And if you don’t change their names manually, they should update if their names changes (though i’m not sure if local name update propagate, i only know that if you change someone’s name on the server, it will propagate to all users).

wroot and if openfire is integrated with AD? who returns the information?
I am using the client Pandion, return the query as this fellow above showing IADB Email. add to the contact list the full name of the user is informed, but in vcard which returns server (openfire I think) does not have this username. question is possible to make the inclusion of the name of the User and which will be made this change?
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I already kad knowledge of that, however, I remember that in other networks, like Microsoft MSN, you could use both things: If you set a name for a contact, you’ll see that name. But if you don’t, you see the name that contact has set, with auto propagation and update.

Is there no way to emulate this feature with openfire & standard XMPP client? I could even write a plugin to approach it, but I really have no clue of where to start.

Another more “dirty” workaround will be directly altering openfire database replacing the old name by the new one, on all rosters found. But I would like avoiding that


If the client is saving set nickname locally, there is no way to force it to use somethign else from the server. So you have to modify the client. I’m not a developer or xmpp expert, but this is my opinion.