Default SSL Certificate Expired?

It looks like the default certificate that is included with Messenger expired on 9/10/2005. I have been running the server for internal use only and therefore was just using the bundled certificate when I noticed my client could no longer connect with SSL. A quick check with the browser connecting to https://server:5223 showed the expired certificate date. For a short term fix I just made my own, but I’'m guessing you would still like people to be able to use the default out of the box.

You’‘re client wouldn’'t connect? What client?


It is a custom client written with Smack. Smack throws an exception in the connection class about an untrusted site and after reading through the forums, I saw a post that said Smack only rejects a certificate when the date is invalid, which led me to the conclusion above.

Hey Chris,

I have created the issue JM-397 so that the next JM release includes new dummy certificates. Anyway, the out of the box certificates are meant to be replaced by real certificates and not used as production certificates.


– Gato

I understand they should be replaced for real deployment, but I like that you included a default one to help me get up and running quickly for development purposes. I have always been very impressed with the ease of setup for Jive Messenger and would like to see that continue.

Thanks for addressing the issue.