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DefaultAdminProvider Question


I’m trying to integrate Openfire into a client system and I’m trying to implement a new AdminProvider. so far it seems to me that AdminProvider is not working as the others providers (AuthProvider, UserProvider). No matter what I do my class will not load and run instead DefaultAminProvider is loaded.

Can the DefaultAdminProvider be replaced ?


Hi Crisp,

Does this thread help you any?


I am not positive, but I don’t think it is possible to do what you want yet.


The initial question in that post (“Is there a JDBC alternative to this?”) was not aswered. I need something like this or some mechanism to say that all the users that are “admins” in the external system are allowed to log in to the OpenFire console. It seems pointless to me to be able to integrate authentication, users nad groups with external databases only to go and specify the admins in the config file.

I know SOME Java and I think I can manage to implement a JDBCAdminProvider but the thing is that it seems that it ignoeres the value for provider…admin.className I specify. I create an implementation for AdminProviders with just some log debugs in it that it’s not loaded. From what I saw in the other providers and managers the mechanism should work in the same way as UserProvider/UserManager.

I thnik somebody with a bit more Openfire architecture knowledge and Java can do this easier than I will be be able.