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DefaultPacketExtension content (XEP-0027)


I’m having a hard time trying to implement XEP-0027 with Smack. While trying to discover XEP-0027 support I try to get this extension from Presence:

Online iQA/AwUBOjU5dnol3d88qZ77EQI2JACfRngLJ045brNnaCX78ykKNUZaTIoAoPHI 2uJxPMGR73EBIvEpcv0LRSy+ =45f8

I do get the extension by calling:

PacketExtension xs = presence.getExtension(“x”, “jabber:x:signed”);

if (xs != null && xs instanceof DefaultPacketExtension) {

DefaultPacketExtension dxs = (DefaultPacketExtension)xs;


If the extension is found I want to verify the signature. But how do I access the content of the extension? There seems to be no support for doing so?

Please help!



You need to create a custom packet extension/provider to parse the specific packet type. There are plenty of examples in the code base already.

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