Delete archive logs from embedded db


I have it set to archive chat to chat logs and im afraid over time its going to fill my drive space up. Is there a way to clear or purge the files with the embedded database. Is it necessarily to have message audit logs enabled with the chat to chat logs. Also when trying to open the message logs, it is very hard to read and was wondering if there is a easier to read this.


We need to clear things out. Do you use Monitoring Plugin or just the Message Audit Policy? If you only use logs, then you can just delete older logs and save the space that way. There are also archiving settings on Audit Policy page, where you can set the maximum size of the log, of all log files or how old logs can be before deleted automatically. If you are using Monitoring plugin, then there is no easy way to delete chat logs from the database. You will need to dig every chat and delete it manually.

i am using both right now. So with the message audit policy, how can i read them. I open them up in notepad or explorer but its very hard to read. I would rather do the message audit policy logs over the monitoring plugin. If there is a way to read the logs or parse them then i will just delete the monitor plugin. also if i want to continue to run the monitor plugin, how long do you think it will take to fill up a 100 gig drive. I have 45 users. This is my file size since yesterday.

Current Search Index - The current size of the message index.
126.5 K

Archived Message Count - The total number of archived messages.

Archived Conversation Count - The total number of archived conversations.

There was an audit log parser created by a community member, but it is not developed anymore and i think is not compatible anymore. So, there is no convenient way to read logs. You will have to create a parser yourself. Here you can find the source code of that old parser

I can’t answer how much space you database will take. Only you can answer this by monitoring how it grows and predicting the size. Well, as you can see thousand of messages doesn’t take much space, so probably 100 GB drive will be sufficient for many years. Though i don’t like this approach of monitoring conversations as it will make database growing all the time. It is not convenient for backups.

yeah im not much of a programmer and downloaded the old parser but dont have a clue what to do with it. I could ask a programmer here but need more information on where i upload it and stuff to the linux server. I cant believe that there is no archive built with this software that would delete files older than 30 days by default so it doesnt fill up your hard drive in the future.

Audit Policy has an option to delete old logs files. Minitoring plugin doesn’t have such option, because its author thought that message archiges shouldn’t be deleted automatically

right i know audit policy reader has a option to delete but i cant figure out how to read it. Its very hard to read those log files. I know you mentioned above to create a parser and i went to the link but after downloading it, im not sure what to do with it. I think it was made for a windows setup to and im running centos.

Yes, that app is only for windows, but it will read logs from linux if you copy them to windows. Well it was reading logs, don’t know if it working now. There is a binary inside that zip file which you can run (on windows) and also a source code which you can modify or maybe even port to linux. Anyway, those logs are xml files and this should be fairly easy for a programmer to create parser. Maybe you should search for a programmer and pay for the job.