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Delete "Testing General"?


I’d like to delete Testing General. If we need to test things we can still create a new test space or use the one of http://www.jivesoftware.com/. As long as you agree no reply is needed (that’s why I post it here ).


You are free to delete the Testing General space here on the community, but using Jive’s Community as a testing ground is neither friendly, nor useful. The sites run different versions of SBS with different customizations.

Why do you want to remove Testing General? If you want to restrict access to it to prevent non-admins from dumping crap content, that might be a better solution.

@Jive’s: They have a lot of “test” projects (testtesttest, Testing Area, …) and one usually sees posts of these projects on the main page. Of course I don’t want to test there as not all of us have also an account there.

I’d like to delete it, if we need a new testing area one day we can create one.

And we need to consider whether everyone should be able to create projects (and polls) … I did delete about 20 with 0 members which were not used in the last year and where the creator didn’t log in any more.

I don’t mind deleting this space. As about polls, i just wish Jive will give users more control over this thing. Why should i see some group’s polls on my home page?