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Deleting group displays all users


I did create within Wifi (/group-create.jsp) a group “eee” with two local users “admin” and “test”, it did show up for both Spark users and was the only group. Then I did delete it (/group-delete.jsp?group=eee) and it disappeared. But all registered users which were offline did appear in the “Offline Group” of “admin” and “test”. For “test” (and admin) it looks like this: http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/7180/clipboard56kz.png

So one may wonder why I have users like ủủủủ and ��→ but these should be valid unicode user names.

a) I can’'t login with Spark with these and

b) ủủủủ gets displayed as four squares in the offline list

but a+b are complete different issues.


A similar thread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=119989 … and maybe more a Wifi than a Spark issue. Please do not reply here, consider this thread as closed.