Deleting text from search input field stalls the Spark client

Hi Spark team,

thank you for this great piece of software. I experience only one issue which bugs me: When I use the search function (not through a search server, but searching the local contact list by pressing [Ctrl] - [F]) and DELETE the content of the input field, the client will stall for about 15 seconds.

You can see an example in the attached screenshot: If in this situation I pressed backspace four times, the client would freeze for 15 seconds.

I can avoid this behaviour by marking the content and overwriting it directly, or by pressing [Esc] to close the search field.

Anyhow, sometimes I forget about it and the client stalls again. Maybe you can fix that behaviour.


Can you confirm this bug? Do you need any more information?


I can’t confirm it, but i have only ~200 contacts in my roster. How many contacts is in your roster? Also what version of Spark?

Where can I see the number of contacts? It must be some hundred, maybe 800 hundred contacts.

Version right now is 2.6.3, but it has been appearing every since I started using Spark 6 months ago thorugh all updates released in that time span.

There is no number of all contacts in Spark. You can check on your server how many users you have. As i said it doesn’t behave like that in my case. I’m guessing this maybe due to large number of contacts and also depending on computer resources. When you delete the last letter in the search box it should show you the whole roster, all of your contacts in that window. Maybe it takes more time with a large roster to do that. But that’s only my guess. Can you create a user and add only a few people to his roster (one shared group maybe) and then login on your computer with that user and see if Spark stalls or not in that case?