Delivering Asterisk IVR data to softwares using XMPP


I developed a little project (a PoC) to “integrate” Asterisk IVRs with “other softwares”, allowing that data already entered in IVR can be used in other stages of a customer service, for example.

The main goal is to provide more efficiency and interoperability between different solutions in a heterogeneous enterprise scenario.

Despite the fact that I started this project to integrate Asterisk IVRs with customer service softwares, this is a multipurpose project that can be used with any kind of software that you want.

The project uses the Asterisk’s ARI API and XMPP (PubSub) to deliver the information.

You can find more informations (including source code for download) in my blog at ng-xmpp/.

Any doubts or suggestions are welcomed.


Marcelo H. Terres


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