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Delivery and read status on spark

dear all,

does spark support for delivery and read status??

fro example :

client A types : D hi,how are you?

on client B : if he had read, the notification should be like this

: R

D meand Delivery

R means Read

Support for delivery receipts is done in the current Smack version (a library which is Spark based on) SMACK-331. But Spark doesn’t have interface to work with that (present messages about delivery). Thisis the open ticket and patches are welcome SPARK-1238.

So, the answer is - no. Btw, it only covers delivery receipts, not the read receipt. Though Spark is able to show when someone has a chat window active, so probably reading. It shows a small text under the emoticons icon as “User is paying attention”. This is in the latest nightly builds.

wroot : how can i add this feature into current version spark?

By programming I’m not a developer, so can’t help here.

i’m lack of programming also…just end user and analysing