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Delivery notification problems - possible bug

I had notifications working briefly, but they’‘ve stopped and I can’‘t figure out why. I didn’'t think i even changed anything that should affect them.

I’‘m using MessageEventManager.addNotificationRequests to request delivered and displayed notifications, which the spark debugger confirms are being sent, and I’'m using addMessageEventNotificationListener to add a listener. I also tried extending MessageEventManager to add print statements to the send* methods, and it seems that none of them are being called at all. Am I missing a step?

I’‘ve investigated this further, and it appears that notifications only work if I’‘ve added a PacketListener to the XMPPConnection. The listener doesn’‘t even have to do anything with the packets, and I can add it with a filter that rejects all packets, but if I don’'t add it, no notifications are received.

In Smack 3.0.0 they added a new system for handling message events to follow the latest standards. Perhaps the new code created a bug in the old system?

You might give the new standard a try, namely: ChatStateManager and ChatStateListener


ChatStateManager may have taken over the composing notification, but it doesn’'t appear to have anything to do with delivery, display, or offline notifications in response to a message being sent.

Sorry you are correct, I didn’'t read your message closely enough.