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Deploy Spark 2.5.8

Folks, I need help to deploy the Spark for above 100 machines

I’ve downloads the msi package, and created a GPO for this.

This GPO is linked with the user.

I reboot the computer many times and login and logout many time

but no software was installed.

Anyone can help me?

or send the procedure to do it?

Thank you


You can not deploy software as a user easily. You should deploy as a computer, it will install automatically. If you install as a user it simply adds the application the Add new programs option of the Add or Remove Programs control panel of XP (see Image for reference). The programs will show in the box labled Add programs from your network. This is where GPO user deployed apps show up, and require the user to do the installation.


you’re the man!!!


Thank you, please award points for correct answers.