Deploy spark IM to openfire server automagically

Ok, so I’ve have spark and openfire in a prod enviornment for months now with 800+ users and its going great. What I’d like to know is there a way to get the Spark IM to auto load the OpenFire server when it self executes ? I have several users who either are too impatient or dont know what they’re doing and I need a way for the Spark IM to auto load the server so users dont have to put it in manually. Does anyone know how to go about this can I edit the registry files ??

It does that already for all my users – last server entered always comes up when we start it. Maybe try ticking the save passwrod and auto-login boxes, and setting “start with windows” in preferences. No one’s ever had to enter the server name here after I input it following the initial install.

So you’re telling me that If I where to install a new instance of openfire and spark IM client on a new machine the server will appear automagically with out user entering it ?

No, I didn’t realize from your initial post that you were looking to do unattended installs with the server name preloaded. Have a look at this thread, I haven’t read through it but it seems to discuss that: