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Deploy Spark via Group Policy with SSO Support

We have deployed Spark to our users using Group Policy without issue.

We want to increase the number of users using Spark and OpenFire by simplifying the users’ experience.

We use AdminStudio from Acresso to create our custom MSI deployments.

I would like to create a Spark deployment that will start after the user logs in. (We successfully have made this change. No help needed with this one.)

In addition, assuming SSO support is setup correctly on the server, we want Spark to log the users in automatically. This is the part I need help with.

I’ve reviewed setting up SSO and the clients using the following link.


I’m looking for something a bit more comprehensive and I haven’t been able to find anything in the forums.

I want to know exactly what registry settings need to be set, and what other files need to be set/configured for Spark to automatically use SSO without the user having to do anything.

Essentially, after the package has been deployed, users will login, the package will be installed and the user logged into OpenFire without any user intervention.

I’m guessing docs are already available but I just can’t find them or am too obtuse to see the obvious.

Any help is appreciated.


Please forgive me for bumping my post. I’m still looking for some additional assistance on the above post.

I think a comprehensive answer would help many.

Thank you.

  • Earl of the West.

You would need to create the spark folder in each users profile. The location will vary depending on if it is version 2.5.8 or 2.6b. With in the spark folder you will need a basic spark.properties file with the SSO settings configured.