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Deploying Jive Messenger as WebApp

I was hoping that 2.0 release will bring back the capability to deploy Jive Messenger as a webapp in a compliant servlet container. It was missing from the earlier available 1.1 release. Is there any plans to include this in the 2.0 final?

Unfortunately, this won’'t make it into 2.0.0 final. However, we will support container deployments in an upcoming release.



However, you could still easily create your own war structure by copying over the files from src/web in messenger cvs and then create your own lib directory and copy in all the jars located in messenger_home/lib. One caveat though; you must remove all javax.servlet references from messenger.jar in your WEB-INF/lib directory as it might cause an exception during the app servers classloading.

One more thing. Make sure you uncomment the XMPPBootServlet in your web deployment descriptor. This will allow for proper startup of the XMPPContainer.