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Deploying Wildfire (2.5.1) under JBoss 4.x

We’‘ve recently started deploying Wildfire in our JBoss server. I followed the advice of several of the posts here, sorry don’'t have the references handy, and everything seemed fine. Then we noticed that after deploying Wildfire nothing else would deploy and the logs became littered with exceptions complaining about the inability to find a LogFactory. We found the following link:

http://www.jivesoftware.com/jive/entry!default.jspa?categoryID=34&externalID=868 &fromSearchPage=true

Which gave us part of the answer. I’'m posting here to provide the “rest of the story”. Basically what the link above describes is how to (a) remove commons-logging.jar from the wildfire.war file and (b) how to add jboss-web.xml to same. It turns out that the 2.5.1 release of the wildfire.war no longer includes commons-logging.jar. The wildfire.jar contained in the wildfire.war, however, does include some org.apache.commons.logging classes. So, the new procedure is:

a) jar xf wildfire.war that you can safely deploy to JBoss.

… WkH