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Deployment scripting

Hello All,

I use Scriptlogic.com Desktop Authority to deploy 99% of everything on our network. I push the MSI file for Spark no problem but I dont want to use any mst files or anything to fill in the login information required for the client. Does it save the Username,password, IM server login info in registry or ini file? If so anyone have that location? I can script in the username and IM server for them so new users can get on easier without always asking me for those settings.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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All those settings would be held in the spark.properties file which is found under the Documents and Settings\username\Spark directory. The file is not created until runtime however. You can use a kix script to write the file for the user if you run login scripts. A typical script created by another user on this forum looks something like this.

? “Checking if Spark config is present for @USERID . . .”

$sWildfireServer = “yourserver.yourdomain.com

$sWildfirePort = “5222”

$sWildfireDownloadDir = “%USERPROFILE%\Spark\Downloads”

$sWildfirePrefs = “%USERPROFILE%\Spark\spark.properties”

$sSparkConfigVersion = “%USERPROFILE%\Spark\spark.properties”

IF NOT EXIST($sSparkConfigVersion)

? " Spark is installed, settings are not present or wrong version. Configuring . . ."



SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C MKDIR “$sWildfireDownloadDir”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO #Saving Spark Settings> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO #Fri Nov 10 17:00:50 EST 2006>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO password===>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO idleTime=^1>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO idleOn=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO timeDisplayed=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO lastUpdateCheck=^1155709946428>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO username=%USERNAME%>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO windowTakesFocus=false>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO toasterPopup=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO timeout=^5>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO xmppPort=$sWildfirePort>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO autoLoginEnabled=false>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO showHistory=false>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO showEmptyGroups=false>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO server=$sWildfireServer>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO chatNotificationOn=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO downloadDirectory=$sWildfireDownloadDir>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO startHidden=false>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO fileTransferTimeout=^1>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO passwordSaved=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO spellCheckerEnabled=true>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

SHELL ‘’%COMSPEC% /C ECHO defaultChatLengthTimeout=^15>> “$sWildfirePrefs”’’

? " Setting Spark to run at startup . . ."

$RC=WriteValue(“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” , “Spark”, “C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe”, “REG_SZ”)

? " Spark should run at startup."

? “Spark config check complete.”


? “Spark config check complete.”

? " "

? “______________________________________________________________________________ __”

Perfect that Horiz!