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destroy.getJid() is null

I am using smack4.1.9 on Android,when a room destroy,I get a callback,but the jid is null:

SmackManager.getInstance().getConnection().addSyncStanzaListener(new StanzaListener() {
            public void processPacket(Stanza packet) {
                MUCUser mucUser = MUCUser.from(packet);
                if(mucUser == null){
                Destroy destroy = mucUser.getDestroy();
                if(destroy != null){
                    XLog.d("destroy:" + destroy.getJid());
        }, PresenceTypeFilter.UNAVAILABLE);

Have you checked the stanza log to see, whether or not the stanza that came in included a jid?

Yeah,stanza included a jid and I solved it by getting jid from stanza directly.

Could you please show us the stanza where Destroy.getJid() does return null?

XLog.d(“destroy:” + destroy.getJid());
This log shows me.

Yep, but it would help enormous if you could show us the full underlying stanza.

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