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Detailed upgrade documentation - 3.1.1 --> 3.2.2 RPM install on RedHat ES

Does anybody have detailed instructions on the proper way to upgrade Wildfire Server using RPM install on RedHat with MySQL Database?

I have been using jabber/wildfire/openfire for quite a while now on RedHat ES 3 box. I have upgraded twice in the past, both time times with problems and had to revert to backup. (see thread from 3.1.1 upgrade: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=23823). Upgrade to 3.2.2 was no different.

Before upgrading to 3.2.2 RPM I looked around some and found this:


Upgrading Wildfire on Linux with an RPM can be accomplished by following these steps.

  1. Stop Wildfire.

  2. Backup the Wildfire installation directory. This step is critical because the data will be overwritten with the new RPM install.

  3. Backup the Wildfire database. Note that the embedded database is backed up in step 2.

  4. Install the RPM.

  5. Copy the conf directory from the backup to the installation directory.

  6. Copy the embedded-db directory from the backup to the installation directory.

  7. Copy the enterprise directory from the backup to the installation directory, if it exists.

  8. Copy the plugins directory from the backup to the installation directory except for plugins/admin.

  9. Copy the resources/security/keystore file from the backup to the installation directory.

  10. Copy the resources/security/truststore file from the backup to the installation directory if you modified this file.

  11. Start Wildfire.


I tried this and it didn’'t work. I got 503 errors trying to get to admin page. I tried removing old PlugIns as those were shown to cause problems in other threads,…not luck. Users could login to the server but were immediately kicked off…so I reverted to backup.

Although these steps give a general overview, they still do not go into any detail. RPM installations have many options; I’‘ve been told in the past that rpm -Uvh wildfire.rpm would do the trick…but it didn’‘t. I’'ve tried the ‘‘Freshen’’ option, rpm -Fvh wildfire.rpm which also resulted in a broken config.

I was under the impression that the Database would also be upgraded during the install but this hasn’‘t worked either…ever (maybe this only applies to embedded db?). Don’'t get me wrong, I love wildfire and it works great. The initial installation was a breeze, but upgrading rpms has always been a mess.

As a result of these past issues, if I run ‘‘rpm -qa |grep wildfire’’ it returns wildfire-3.2.2-1. When I login to my Admin page it displays version 3.1.1 (since I am running from restored backup after failed upgrade), and the crazy part is that I am likely running these on the DB installed with wildfire-2.6.2!!!

After reading through a bunch of posts I went and looked at my jiveVersion table in MySQL and it lists version 6! Yikes…isn’'t the current version 11?

I’'d love to get this install straightened out… Here is what I am “Thinking” I need to do. PLEASE have a look and provide some feedback if possible:

  1. service wildfired stop

  2. Backup wildfire directory

  3. Backup MySQL Jabber DB

  4. Upgrade MySQL Jabber DB Tables/Version

a. Since I show version 6 I’'ll need to incrementally upgrade to version 11?

b. cd /opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade/7 ‘‘cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql -p Jabber;’’

c. cd /opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade/8 ‘‘cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql -p Jabber;’’

d. cd /opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade/9 ‘‘cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql -p Jabber;’’

e. cd /opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade/10 ‘‘cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql -p Jabber;’’

f. cd /opt/wildfire/resources/database/upgrade/11 ‘‘cat wildfire_mysql.sql | mysql -p Jabber;’’

  1. Force rpm install of 3.2.2 since the system thinks it’'s installed already? rpm -ivh, -Uvh, -Fvh --force wildfire-3.2.2-1.rpm? (advice here would be great)

  2. Now do I copy the old conf directory, resources/security/keystore, and resources/security/trustore into new /opt/wildfire/ ?

  3. service wildfired start

  4. Install new plugins

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Yes, I confirm that RPM releases of wildfire are ALL not suitable for upgrades. It’'s silly but this is true.

I’'ve made over 10-15 upgrades from one version to another and there was no one that worked.

In order to keep the user database i’'ve switched to mysql even because this way I will not loose the user database.

After this I run the setup again.

I hope developers will take a look and invest some time in resolving this issue that is quite important.

Thanks for your input. I cannot believe more poeple haven’‘t chimed in on this thread. It’'s clearly an issue, and one that seems to be ignored by all.

What gives?



Oh the issue is definitely a problem. And it looks like the redhat RPM option is becoming slowly more neglected over time. the redhat-postinstall.sh script installed the wildfired file in /etc/init.d and runs chkconfig to add the service. That’‘s handy…but it references the wildfire startup as /opt/wildfire/bin/wildfire.sh as of version 3.2.0 (IIRC) it’'s been called simply wildfire. So each time the postinstall is run, it makes the service unavailable until you correct this typo.

Add to that, the fact that in the RH environment, the latest versions don’‘t seem to load a critical environment variable ($app_home located in /opt/wildfire/bin/wildfire) correctly, requiring manual modification of the fil and you have enough problems to keep people from WANTING to use the RPM’'s. the tarballs are almost easier.

I hope bringing these things to light will help