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Detect use of AD/LDAP for VCard

Is there a way to detect whether AD/LDAP is used before trying to update VCard information?

Our client has the option for updating personal details using XEP-0054 vcard-temp.
When using AD or LDAP send updates to the Openfire server are not processed (because this should be done directly via AD or LDAP). You don’t get any feedback on this, updates are just gone no where.

The option to update personal details/vcard in our client is enabled based on the vard-temp feature being exposed by the server. Is there a possibilty to check whether the server is configured to use AD/LDAP?
In this case we could notify the user who is trying to update his details and make the personal details read only in the client.

I don’t think there is such a mechanism. As a (poor) alternative, you can set the ldap.override.avatar setting to true, which will cause users to store their avatar/picture in the local database, instead of trying to write that back into LDAP.

You can also choose to use the regular VCard provider. You can then update data from your clients. The drawback is that your data won’t be populated by LDAP (so users will have empty VCards).

There is room for improvement here. I’ve raised these issues: