Determining one schedule for use of IM!

Hi all !

I need to limit that certain users are only online 12:30 - 17:00

out of this period the same ones cannot be online …

I know that could use a firewall together with the cron IP´s of the machines

with a customer jabber.

Would that be possible in Wildfire ?

Does some exist plugin ?

Thanks help me !




I thought about the Content Filter, but there is no feature to limit the function for certain users or user groups. Wildfire does currently not support ACL’'s so one can not disable a user (or more users) temporarily. Maybe Ryan likes the idea and just writes down some lines just for fun, and if you like to pay for the development of such a plugin I assume that Ryan would feel glad to receive a PM.


I would like a lot to help paying and using a license Enterprise.

But the company where I work me doesn’'t support in that… unhappily…

A company of the government … doesn’'t have money for software purchase… that leaves me

sad but I believe that in the future with investments of the Brazilian Government for help to the

people, using in a way but correct the resources this situation moves.

Thank you !




don’'t you have some students around? They should be able to write such a plugin, all plugins are open source so very good examples are available.


LG, thanks for the plug.

Candiao, it would be real easy to add access an access list to the Content Filter, you might want to contact Conor directly since he’'s the one who wrote the plugin originally.


Thank you for the suggestion!

I will try you contact him… .