Dev: help with a Roster adding methods for a plugin

(this was at the bottom of another thread, but with a less topical title)

ok… i’'m asking for help

I need to be able to add roster-items in an automated way.

I figured the best way to do this would be write a plugin to allow a task to make http calls to do the adds/deletes/modifies.

I’‘ve gone with modifying Justin Hunt’'s user admin plugin because it had the groundwork layed and this seems a logical extention to the plugin.

I’‘ve been going down the route of using RosterProvider.createItem but am having trouble with it. Am i on the right track? I want to add, through JM, the roster item to the backend storage and trigger a roster refresh on the client… for now i’'m jsut working on getting the item added.

am i on the right track?