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Develop a plugin about display online status

Hello everybody,i want to do a plugin it may display user online or offline status in web page,if somebody interest to it,i hope we can finished together this cool function.On the other hand someone have a good idea or a nice suggestion,please post it in here,it would help our faster complete it ,we want it is a practicality and interest function.

Plead with forum’‘s master locked this thread,we don’'t expect it sink into the bottom of water before we would finish this function.:slight_smile:


I think this is the same thing as:



yes,matt and bill,it is a good idea,i have already viewed it exist in jivemesenger web that user online status display in JSP page,i will try to add it in servlet plugin.

i modify web.xml depositary,it have deploy in sevlet,but servlet can’'t run .
presence.jar (4406 Bytes)
presence.rar (2493 Bytes)

Hello tangzhen,

Your idea is cool.

But, when I tried to use your plugin, it’'s fail to deploy. Any solution?

I’'m using JM 2.1.3.

Thanks for advance.


eg.wesley,presence servlet have some problem it can’'t user in JM now,i will notice you after i finish it.

Hey Matt,we will wait for your repair to servlet in JM,when will it finish?i send your a email about servlet plugin this week whether you already receipted?servlet plugin problem annoy me a long time,hopely getting your help. Can you send me a example about servlet plugin(it is can success run in JM:))?


ok, made one,

it works but there are some problems unloading the plugin, somehow the war gets locked


works and returns a picture in the war, so with some config in eg apache

<img src=“http://localhost:9090/jive-plugin/presence?name=bram” />

should work ok

a few things to do in the war are security (making http://localhost:9090/jive-plugin/ unavailable) and extending the maven script so jspc gets done and the generated web.xml and configuered web.xml gets merged.

downloadable at

http://swat.dyndns.org/jive-plugin.jar the plugin

http://swat.dyndns.org/jive-plugin.zip the maven project to build it

dunno if the links work, just set up apache to make the files available (maybe some config to do in th router)

Hey bram,

whether you already did a present plugin in JM,but i can’'t download it for your URL,may you send it to my email(tangzhen&msn.com).


hey everybody,this is Bram’‘s presence servlet plugin.it is can run in JM2.1.5 or above release.i attached it on forum, convenience us download it .thanks for Bram’'s help.
jive-plugin.jar (14127 Bytes)