Developement Question about Spark

First off, I just want to say, I am very impressed with Spark and the server side as well. I have just recently started testing spark in our enterprise. I am sure this question(s) has been asked before, but I will ask them again:

  1. I saw there is a developement kit for spark… is it hard to get started. I have experience with html, and some basic php but that is it?

  2. Has anybody every tried to add buttons with “canned responses” before if so a url would be helpful?

  3. Is it possible to roll my own version of spark with my agency logo and a disclaimer?

In my environment, while we need the file transfer and IM capabilities, it would be nice to be able to setup some canned responses for us. Many of our workers will simply need to acknowledge IM that they have received. I would like to have a canned response button or two(on top of the fact that we use touch screen laptops).

I have been testing Spark across a WAN in addition to cellular users and so far so good… I look forward to hearing the answers to the above questions…Sincerely


  1. yes, I believe that would be fine

  2. It’ll be very hard. HTML really doesn’t have much to do with programming, and Spark is a complex java program.

  3. not sure

in spark fastpath there is canned responses that appears in the chat windows and has its own if you are doing a svn build that mite be a place you mite find code work helpful to your project