Developers: Custom auth module?

Hello All,

My company is in need of a custom auth module for WiFi.

We have an existing user database and an existing auth mechanism.

What we need to create is a way for WiFi to authenticate using the existing mechanism.

I know there are already a couple of ways to do this that involve the DefaultAuthProvider and User classes, but would like to discuss some other options, SOAP perhaps.

we have a budget for this project, in other words, you’‘d be gettin’’ paid.

If you are interested in helping us, please PM me, or email us at jobs[at]ultrastar[dot]com

What mechanism are you using? Is this something that could be GPL’‘d for everyone’'s use?


you mean to authenticate?

its a custom sytem we’'ve developed.

no it would not be available under the GPL, unfortunately.

Maybe you should try to contact Jivesoftware directly. I think they can do custom development.

Hi Zeuben,

I’'ve sent you a PM.